Ancient HAWAII debuted at the Honolulu Museum of Art, from 1st April through to the 30th April 2015. The Exhibition opening night event was a celebration of Hawaiian Culture including Mele (Music), Hula, a Lua demonstration, and other cultural activities.

The Exhibition included a catered party for Museum Donors, Sponsors, Patrons of the Arts, Media and Local Dignitaries and Friends.

It was a huge success drawing over 1,500 people on it's opening night.


In November 2015, Ancient Hawaii was featured in a a Hawaiian Arts and Cultural exhibition at The Office of Hawaiian Affairs. OHA representatives claimed that "Ancient Hawaii is the most profound modern representation of the profound ancestors" they have ever seen.

ANCIENT HAWAII is featured in three Galleries throughout the Islands and we are currently researching opportunities for exhibitions in New York and Tokyo.


Our Mission:

The ANCIENT images are designed to inspire investigation and promote educational awareness of the Hawaiian Culture.

It is through these images that the creator’s aim to recognize the profound ancestors of Hawaii, the natural beauty of Hawaii and the sustainability of the Hawaiian people through their connection with the environment and their ancient culture.

Giving Back:

Ancient will donate a percentage of its profits (from the sale of limited edition prints) to selected Hawaiian Cultural Organizations. Sponsors will be recognized in those charitable contributions.